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All BWI Marshall Airport Parking

BWI Onsite Parking:
Hourly Garage- $22/day- Walk to terminal
Daily Garage- $12/day- Free shuttle to terminal 
Express- $10/day- Free shuttle to terminal
Long Term- $10/day- Free shuttle to terminal
Amtrak/MARC Garage- $10/day- Free shuttle to terminal

BWI Offsite Parking: (rates vary)
Airport FastPark
Econopark Express
Park N'Fly
Preflight Airport Parking

Most air travelers are a little anxious about where to park, but don't worry when flying out of BWI. You probably already know if you are an "offsite" parker or "onsite". If parking offsite, the options available are listed above. If parking onsite, the best deal really is Express at $10/day. You get picked up and dropped off at your car and the lot isn't huge. There in lies the problem... it does fill and close often. Not to worry, for and extra $2/day, just go right across the street to the Daily Garage. It's only $12/day. The cheapest onsite lot is Long Term (A and B). For $8/day you get to park in a massive lot and get to wonder if you'll ever see the terminal. For what it's worth, pay the extra couple of bucks and go for Express or Daily. Think about it, you might spend an extra $20 to park closer for the duration of your trip and you will have alot less stress. Flying is difficult enough so make it easier on yourself. For all BWI Parking Information:

Site Updated: November 7, 2013